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Besnard was established as a bespoke tailor in 1878 by Albert Besnard and revived as a ready-to-wear brand in 2018 by the founder’s great-great-grandson Victor Besnard.

With our roots in tailoring, we aim to bring the same elegance and quality to ready-to-wear. We believe that menswear should be classic, understated and timeless.

Our designs aim to find the right balance between classic style and modern wearability. We offer a selection of versatile and complementary pieces, and we strive to expand our collection each season.

Our History

How It All Began

In 1878 the 28-year-old Albert Besnard established A. Besnard Tailleur in The Hague (La Haye).

He found a small atelier near the Royal Palace on Het Noordeinde No. 7, which was convenient as his expertise was tailoring court suits and uniforms.

A Master Tailor

After seven years, A. Besnard moved his atelier to a larger location on the Kneuterdijk No. 7. The local newspapers commended his good reputation and the move to a larger location.

“Mister A. A. E. Besnard, who established a good reputation as a master tailor and – to use an artistic term – is regarded a tailor-artist, moved his atelier to a new location. His renovation of the shop is distinguished by simplicity and quality; the shop window is made of one piece of glass, the largest shop window ever placed in town.” (Dagblad, May 6th 1885)

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of this shop, we know from the newspapers that it was classic as much as progressive.

The End Of An Era

Over the years A.Besnard dressed many men who moved in diplomatic and court circles. Despite his success there was no successor to take over the company.

After almost 40 years of tailoring A. Besnard was discontinued.

A Heritage Discovered

Around a century later, 28-year-old Victor Besnard found a suit made by his great-great-grandfather. In that very moment he decided to continue his ancestor’s legacy.

During his studies at university, he worked for a bespoke tailor and a luxury multi-brand store, where he developed a passion for classic menswear and an obsession for traditional craftsmanship.

A New Beginning

Exactly 140 years after the year of establishment, Victor Besnard revived the company. His great-great-grandfather’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship were to remain the core values of BESNARD.

The aim of the first collection is to offer a few wardrobe staples of exceptional quality. We strive to add new designs to our collection each year, ultimately offering a complete wardrobe of timeless menswear.