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A. Besnard Tailleur La Haye Stamp


Besnard is a heritage brand specialised in tailoring, classic menswear and accessories.

Our Story

The bespoke tailoring house A. Besnard Tailleur was established in 1876. Over the years, A. Besnard became a well-known military and court tailor with a store near the Royal Palace in The Hague (La Haye). After more than 40 years, the company was discontinued as there was no successor to take over the business.

More than a century later, A. Besnard’s great-great-grandson Victor Besnard revived the company with a new focus on ready-to-wear and made-to-measure. The values of quality, design and craftsmanship remained at the heart of the brand.

"We strive to produce clothing that is relevant, well-made and timeless. Our designs are heavily inspired by the past, incorporating both classic style and traditional craft into our products."
— Victor Besnard

Our Products

Our collections are designed entirely in-house and together with a selection of partners, we produce garments of the highest quality standards.

We work with small family-run workshops, most of which are located in Italy. With decades of experience, they are true specialists in their craft.

We believe in building sustainable and equal relationships with our suppliers. We admire their work, regularly visit them and we consider them our true partners.