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Dark Teal Garza Fina Grenadine Tie

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Dark Teal

Grenadine is a weave characterized by its open structure and gauze-like texture. Fermo Fossati - Italy's oldest dedicated silk mill - weaves grenadine silk on the same wooden shuttle looms they used back in the 1900s.
Grenadine ties are easy to pair, and their textured appearance is more interesting than, for example, plain twill ties. We offer two variations: Garza Grossa and Garza Fina. 'Garza Grossa' literally translates to mean 'large gauze,' while 'Garza Fina' means 'fine gauze'.

Handmade in Italy

Our ties are made entirely by hand, the traditional way, in the South of Italy. From the cutting to sewing the slip stitch, each step requires patience and expertise. Knowledge and skills that are passed down from generation to generation. Untipped ties are even more time-consuming to produce as each blade is hand-rolled and then sewn together.

Dark Teal Garza Fina Grenadine Tie
Dark Teal Garza Fina Grenadine Tie Sale price€120